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Candle Artist ‘inori’


‘inori’ was born in Okinawa, grew up in Kagoshima and lives in Osaka Japan.

Since she was fascinated with the warmness and gentleness of candles, she has been making handmade candles one by one. She is also an interior designer with candles and has candle workshops.

沖縄生まれ 鹿児島育ち 大阪在住。



– La priêre candle –

“La priêre” means “pray” in French and “inori” means “pray” in Japanese,too.
The light of candles embrace our heart gently.

When we light on candles, the flow of time has changed and it brings us special moments. The power of praying to someone make us strong and gentle.

Live your life with Praying, La priêre and inori.


〜La priêre candle〜

La priêreは、フランス語で「祈り」という意味です。
キャンドルの灯りは、人の心を暖かく包み込んでくれ、いつもと違う優しい時間が流れ始めます。 誰かの為の祈りの力は、人をとても強く、優しくしてくれます。

日々の暮らしを 祈り と共に。




– My tribute to candles –

When I was 26 years old, I felt sick and entered a hospital.  And  suddenly I got a strong heart attack in the middle of night at hospital.

Luckily, there was a specialist of cardiac surgery at it and more than 40 her friends rushed to the hospital to give her blood transfusions, so that the emergency surgery was performed.

Thanks to them, I had a narrow escape from death.

When I woke up, I knew how many doctors and friends did their best and prayed for my safe. Then I decided when I get well, I will payback what they did to me.

When I moved from ICU to a private room, I felt pain and I was exhausted by fluorescent lights. So I asked my family to bring a small candle. This small light embraced me very gently.

When I felt the light of candles, I also felt how many doctors and friends did efforts and prayed for me. I felt strong and deep love. I was at a loss for words.

Since then, I had taken several emergency surgeries, but thanks to them, I am here now.

Many people and candles saved me. So I have started to make candles to payback what I was given.

When you look at the light of candles, you remember the sacred place in your heart and connect with it. It reminds you who you are who loves and loved you. This is gentle wave bring you back to your true self and the place you can feel pure love.

The night you spend with your family and friends.
The night you are true to yourself.
The night you think of someone special.

With candle’s light, all of night will become gentle time not only on the summer solstice, the winter solstice and special events, but also in your daily life.

If you could have time to be true to yourself…
If you could have remembered the sacred place in your heart…
I think the gentleness will come out from you and circulate through this world.

I want to spread this kind of warm praying moment.



幸いなことに、心臓手術の専門家が沢山いたこと、同時に、40人以上の友人達が、夜中にも関わらず、連絡を繋いでくれ、手術の輸血ために病院に駆けつけてくれました。 大勢の友人のおかげで、私は、九死に一生を得る事ができました。

目を覚ましたとき、どれ程多くの医師や友人が私を救おうと懸命に手を尽くしてくれたか、祈ってくれたかを知り、元気になったら、みなさんがしてくれたように、私にできるお返しをしよう! そう、心に決めました。

集中治療室を出て、個室に戻り、天井から照らされている 蛍光灯の光りは、その時の私の身体には痛く、体力を消耗する経験でした

その時に、家族に持ってきた貰った 小さなキャンドル。

キャンドルの灯を感じていると、どれだけの方が、懸命にそれぞれの持ち場で、私のために力を注いで下さったか、祈って下さったか・・ 言葉に成らない程の愛を感じました。

元気になった今、私は、私を救ってくれたキャンドルを通して、 皆さんに頂いた思いを胸に、恩返しをしていきたいと思っています。

キャンドルを灯し、炎を見つめていると、自分の中の神聖な部分と繋がれていきます。それは、穏やかな波の様で、ゆっくりゆっくり 自分自身へ戻っていき、純粋な愛に繋がる場所です。

キャンドルを灯しながら、愛する家族、友人と語らう夜、ゆっくり自分と向き合う夜、誰かを思う夜、 全てが優しい時間に繋がっていきます。




そんな、暖かい祈りの瞬間を 広げて行きたいと思います。